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15 May

ISIIC Study - Invitation to Participate

The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM) is organizing an international questionnaire investigation for COVID-19 in ICU facilities (ISIIC Study). Following a review by the Research Committee, the survey is supported by the WFICC and we are encouraging all societies and their members to participate in this worldwide investigation. Please find attached letter from Professor Nishida, JSICM President and Drs Keibun Lui and Kensuke Nakamura with full details.The survey is being conducted to understand the actual situation and to evaluate the difference between the area and countries. The survey questionnaire will be performed on two days, 3rd June and 1st July 2020 and participating centres will be sent the URL to access the questionnaire and input the answers. The name of the representative from each facility will be included in the acknowledgments.Please use the following link to register ask your society members to access the URL below to register their information; 1. Hospital name, 2. ICU name, 3. Your name as the representative, 4. E-Mail address (the investigation URL will be sent to this mail address); URL for registration: your members have any questions about this investigation, please contact the JSICM Executive Office using the link below; Executive Office Mail: (ISIIC Study committee, The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine)