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Strategic Project Process

The WFICC is pleased to announce the initiation of financial support for strategic projects that promote the mission and values of the organization. The WFICC Council has established the following priorities for projects:

• Projects that benefit the intensive and critical care community in low and middle-income areas;

• Projects addressing nursing education and training needs in low and middle-income areas;

• Projects that can be translated to other countries or reach larger numbers of clinicians if successful;

• Projects that accomplish goals in the most cost-efficient manner.

Proposals will be accepted from WFICC member societies and individuals associated with member societies. Multi-professional involvement and collaboration between organizations is valued. Funding up to $30,000 USD may be available for approved projects. The number of projects that will be supported at any given time will be determined by annual budget projections and the quality of proposals.

If you would like to submit a Strategic Project Proposal for consideration, please use the website link or download the Application Form here. Please send your completed application form to