Articles & Meetings


Dr. Alan Gilston from the UK provided the impetus for the formation of our global group after the 1st World Congress of Intensive Care Medicine in London in 1974. At the following World Congress in Paris in 1977 the first constitution was adopted by the General Assembly delegates and the organisation was officially formed.

We now have a heritage of over 40 years which has been shaped by the contribution of the following Presidents;

  • 1981-1985
    Alberto Villazón (Mexico)
  • 1985-1989
    Alan Gilston (UK)
  • 1989-1993
    Peter Suter (Switzerland)
  • 1993-1997
    Malcolm Fisher (Australia)
  • 1997-2001
    Luciano Gattinoni (Italy)
  • 2001-2005
    Philip Lumb (USA)
  • 2005-2009
    José Besso (Venezuela)
  • 2009-2013
    Edgar Jimenez (USA)
  • 2013-2017
    Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)
  • 2017-2019
    Janice Zimmerman (USA)